I love connecting with brilliant, open-minded people that love learning and taking action on that knowledge! Unfortunately, a website contact form is the worst method in the world for me to connect with others since it gets abused by idiots and bots made by idiots.

Other than paying for a Bottleneck Breakthrough Session, or applying to work with me, the best route to connect is through social media.

LinkedIn is where I spend the most time interacting with others, and am happy to share my network with you (unless you’re a sociopath). Ask questions on the content I post there to get feedback on how to put it to use in your business.

Twitter is great for quick hits and punchy replies. I try to make everything I post there useful and relevant. You’ll never get a tweet about what I’m eating or anything political there.

I’m not on Facebook much, but have a Page that gets updated with the rest of my content posts. You can always follow my personal profile, but will get pics of my kids, things I find funny, or bizarre thoughts late at night there.

Prefer video content? Then subscribe to my YouTube channel to get updates as I release video content. It’s all business, all the time there.

Instagram really is best for visual products and brands, but I know a number of people prefer it over the other networks. Connect with me here for the most random posts I make, mostly non-business related.

Snapchat is really an experiment to see if there’s a benefit for someone like me to use it. It’s not something I recommend for clients (yet), so don’t jump on this new-shiney just because I’m trying it out.