I love connecting with brilliant, open-minded people that love learning and taking action on that knowledge!


Other than paying for a Bottleneck Breakthrough Session, or applying to work with me, the best route to connect is through social media.

LinkedIn is where I spend the most time interacting with others, and am happy to share my network with you (unless you’re a sociopath).

Ask questions on the content I post there to get feedback on how to put it to use in your business.

Prefer video content? 

Then subscribe to my YouTube channel to get updates as I release video content. It’s all business, all the time there.

Instagram really is best for visual products and brands, but I know a number of people prefer it over the other networks. Connect with me here for the most random posts I make, mostly non-business related.

I have a Page that gets updated on occasion with my content posts. You can always follow my personal profile, but will get pics of my kids, things I find funny, or bizarre thoughts late at night there.

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