“Josh brings incisive action to every business situation and is a very gifted teacher. 

Bottleneck Breakthrough is a commitment to ruthless simplicity in determining what is the one roadblock that stands in the way.”


– Perry Marshall, Author 

80/20 Sales and Marketing

If you own a business or do consulting, this should be at the top of your “must read” list

Sharon Hayes, Owner at FrontSpace.com 

“If you’re in business, this should be added to your “must read” books for the year. If you’re a business consultant or work in B2B, I think it’s more imperative to read it because of the impact you can have on others. The book provides a clear path for business owners who are either plateauing and/or are getting burned out from simply trying to do so much in their business.”

This book hits its mark

David Horn, CEO at Yamabe & Horn Engineering 

“Josh’s attempt to organize and communicate his knowledge and skill to unlock business growth in a single book hit the bullseye! Our business hired Josh to help us at a critical point a few years ago, due to his advise and approach we consider our case study a success. I was provided a pre-release copy of the book and was honestly skeptical as to how he would be able to convey his approach on the pages. 

Spoiler alert: The book delivers! The organization of his method, concise approach to explaining his experiences, and wealth of background knowledge sets this book apart from others I’ve read. I recommend this book to the business owners who are struggling to see growth with the tools and methods they are applying.”

Every business has bottlenecks. 

Here’s how to overcome them! 

Justin McGill, Owner at LeadFuze.com 

“Josh has a great framework for fixing the never-ending bottlenecks you no doubt face every single day and this book lays it all out for you! There are ALWAYS bottlenecks to fix. His roadmap gives you a plan of attack for different stages of bottlenecks you might be feeling. The examples he gives in the book really get you to think outside of your own business vortex and see it from different angles. Finally, the recommended tools and workflows he presents give you a clear path to implementation.”

Breakthrough Your Bottlenecks

This Book Over Delivers in EVERY Category 

Jonathan Cronstedt, President at Kajabi.com

“As an avid reader, it’s a rarity to truly have a book smack you upside the head with it’s clarity, wisdom, and implementability. Bottleneck Breakthrough stood out from the crowd on all fronts. It’s not because it covers some revolutionary new topic, like many other reviewers have already said it is a distillation of the core fundamentals that so many of us know, but don’t do. 

Josh adds his own, very authentic perspective throughout and parts ended up feeling new and original to me.Definitely worth reading and implementing with your team, whether you’re an owner or key leader in a company. Don’t miss it.”

Real-World Tested Framework For Growing Revenues and Eliminating Challenges

Justin Faerman, Owner at Flow-Mastery.com 

“If you want a proven, real-world tested roadmap to increasing revenues, unlocking growth and getting rid of your biggest headaches and overcoming your businesses most challenging issues, this is it. Josh has put together a framework he’s field tested over the last decade with many businesses in diverse industries that methodically does all of the above and more. To top it off, he’s a great, humorous writer and doesn’t hold back like so many authors do these days. This is an indispensable read for all entrepreneurs who want to actually enjoy their life and their business without sacrificing success. Highly recommended.”

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